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Dusts off old, unused T.O.F.U. community.

So I've heard a few rumors that there has been some controversy re:Airbands.

I know I'm old, disconnected and out of the loop, but I have some experience that might help out a bit.

First of all, I have to say. Please, please do not blow airbands out of proportion. It is a lipsynching contest. It is a thing that T.O.F.U. does. It is true that it is the one thing out club is known for - most people don't even know what T.O.F.U. does besides airbands - but I would hope that the members are not so obsessed with the way the school views us as that they would lost sight of what T.O.F.U. really stands for.

We are about creativity.
We are about having fun.
We are about refusing to conform to whatever society accepts us to be.
We are about friendship.

Please, please do not let Airbands tear up friendships.

I made a decision as a President last year that dissolved a friendship that had lasted eight years. Personally, I still feel I made the right choice. Others may think I should have made that decision as a friend instead of a president; I felt I had a sort of integrity I had to uphold. An integrity to choose those who deserved it over those who were my friends. I hope, no, I am sure the officers this year will also not display favoritism but rather give the spots to those who deserve them. This is my personal opinion. In the end it is the officer's decision on how they will carry out this process. Do not take officer's choices as personal.

It is always painful. Somebody will always get hurt; there is no way of stopping this. But, please do not let this get out of hand. Remember, in the end. It is only Airbands. In the grand scheme of things it is not that important; certainly not worth the friendship of those you care about.

Now, I am off to see a boy about a dinner date that apparently fell through.

Your Ex-Prez,
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