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orange tuesday

why boys are afraid of TOFU:

sara b: i woke up and thought it was wednesday. instead of wearing orange, i am wearing wacky socks!
me: thats terible!
sb: I know!
me: even tbaum is wearing orange today!
charles: why are you guys wearing orange?
me: because it's tuesday, duh!
c: *pause* uh... ok.
me: hey! why aren't you wearing orange?
c: *blank look*
me: well, you need to wear orange on tuesdays.
c: ok....i'll try to remember....
me: can i see your planner?
c: ok, sure...
me: *gets out orange highlighter*
c: what do you need it for?
me: i am just putting a little reminder for you
c: ok.....
me: *highlights every tuesday in charles' planner with orange*
c: oh my gosh....
me: see? now you will remember.
c: what did you do to my planner!?
me: nothing bad. its just highlighter.
c: whatever.
me: oh, and charles...
c: what?
me: If you don't wear orange next tuesday, i am aloud to punish you.
c: ok then.

i don't think you are suppose to threaten people into wearing orange on tuesday, but watever works, right?

luv ya!
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I am wearing orange today!

No one here gets it except for Alex.
yay! eventually, orange on tuesdays will be the cool thing to do everywhere, not just at ljhs!
nicely done lauren!!! ill remind him in swim too! then he'll be REALLY confused!!
you better!

And I know that you and Sarah will enforce it. :)
Good job today.
:) <3